Exclusive apartment in Rotterdam
Finding Rotterdam housing can be confusing. Mind you, it's not because you have a shortage of choices. Indeed, it is the other way around. There are just so many choices out there that it is too easy to decide on a housing option you might end up regretting later. If you are an expat and want the very best this amazing Dutch city has to offer, look for an exclusive apartment Rotterdam residents themselves would love to live in. This should be your selection strategy.

Find an exclusive apartment in Rotterdam

First of all, you should focus on a rental that is close to the main business districts like Bedrijvenpark Noord-west Rotterdam and Rotterdam Central Business District. Also, the exclusive apartment should be close to interesting recreational areas nearby Capelle aan den IJssel and/or Delft. This is the kind of location mix present with an exclusive apartment Rotterdam residents would love to rent.

Focus on convenience

Convenience as well as the 'complete Rotterdam' experience is the key marker of the right Rotterdam experience. To make it easier for yourself, just focus on renting an exclusive apartment Rotterdam residents would love themselves.